Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your facebook account can be worth a 1000$ !!!

Didn't hear about the Facebook IPO? You know how much the market valuation can be when FB sells its 10 % stake? IT could be somewhere around &75 to 100 $billion dollars. Now coming to the actual calculation. Facebook says it has around 845 million active users. But there might be some overestimation in these numbers. So, for all practical purposes we will take 800 million as the number of active users. And by assuming that the market valuation will come around 80 billion dollars. So it all comes to be around 1000$ for one active users. Cheer up guys !!! If somebody is complaining that you are not worth as you stick to Facebook for hours, you can shoot them back with this statistics albeit you are not entitled to this worth in the real world !!!

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