Thursday, June 13, 2013

IPL Goodies

The IPL is brandished as a spoiled brat and is being held responsible for irresponsible actions of few cricketers. Although it has some goodies at offer. This might be too early to declare that we are an incredible and a formidable top team but we are moving in that direction. IPL has infused confidence in many small time players and we are seeing it in the performance.
Shikhar Dhawan who is celebrating his centuries now, once wanted to quit cricket completely. But thanks to IPL, he is in top form now.
Sir! Ravindra Jadeja once seriously rethought to quit the spinning category. But thanks to IPL and Dhoni, he has been infused with confidence and he is living upto his "Sir" honorarium. India might have found the elusive fifth bowler with batting capacities, in simple a performing all rounder.

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