Monday, December 23, 2013

D-Day for AAP

The Arwind Kejriwal led AAP will be shortly announcing the decision whether to form a government in Delhi or not in a few hours. Earlier talk by Arvind indicated that people are more inclined towards government formation. 
Congress support ? 
Congress initially declared unconditional support; presently maintains that it is unconditional until AAP works for welfare of people. Looking at the agenda of AAP like audit of electricity firms and investigations into scams like commonwealth, the ball will finally land at the footsteps of Congress biggies. Will they pull the plug on the government at such an instance will always remain a mystery. Will the same party allow for investigations against its own top brass? Is AAP an immature party unable to take tough decisions and depending upon people's voice every time? Will AAP take other important decisions in the same manner? Will they ever succeed in fulfilling their manifesto in a fractured verdict like this ? The very fact the Delhi people have thrown out such a fractured verdict shows that they are equally confused. And AAP here is again asking such confused people on the future course of action. Finally, let the government be not as confused as AAP and people are there today. 

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