Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time Zone : The confusion continues

The first post of this blog was about the time zone confusion.
The confusion arises from the fact that the eastern most parts of India has a sunrise way earlier than the western counterparts. Now there is an official demand for second time zone from Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister of Assam for resetting the eastern parts to half an hour earlier. The demand seems logical and might well have benefits for eastern parts. The two time zones adaptation will be particularly difficult for a country like India. The errors might lead to serious consequences like accidents, if there are errors in calculations. And the synchronization to two time zones might be a herculean task for a country which depended on a single time zone till now.
"Let the whole country go back half an hour"
Now this is what Dilip R Gupta and D.P Sengupta from National Institute of Advanced Studies has to say after completion of their study funded by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The study was done over a period of three years and concluded that India as a whole will still benefit from the resetting of time line to six hours before GMT. The authors argue that such a move would enable all Indians to use the day light in a more productive way. The benefits also stretch to saving billions of unit of electricity by using sunlight for a longer period of time. Now that the rabbit is out of the hat, will the policy maker take note of these simple measures for better energy efficiency or blame on each other for giving black out shocks for one of the most power hungry country in the world.

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