Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Elections 2014 : redefining national party tag

The peculiar trend in this national election could be the dwarfing of many regional parties barring a few which could well mean their tag of a national party. Come May 16, people will decide who is going to stay national. The newbie AAP might well be fighting hard to gain this national party tag and may well fall just short of this feat.

Guidelines for a party to be termed as a national party 

Election Commission of India has the following guidelines for a party to be recognised as a National party

(i)    it secures at least six percent(6%) of the valid votes polled in any four or more states, at a general   election to the House of the People or, to the State Legislative Assembly; and

(ii)    in addition, it wins at least four seats in the House of the People from any State or States.


it wins at least two percent (2%) seats in the House o the People (i.e., 11 seats in the existing House having 543 members), and these members are elected from at least three different States

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