Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Narendra Modi breaks the Omerta code

Narendra Modi by campaigning in the bastion of Nehru-Gandhi family has been taunted as breaking the omerta code set by politicos cutting across lines of not taking the contest seriously in such high profile constituencies.
Incidentally, the word omerta has its origin in Italy which means a code of allegiance; which underscores loyal to the oath of omerta. And the Amethi battle has connection with both Italy and loyalty. The previous elections had seen opposition raking the Italian origin issue again and again. The tone seems to have shifted now to blindfolded loyalty to the dynasty without considering the performance. Modi seems to cash in on this disenchantment among voters in Amethi to make inroads into the bastion. The triumph of the dynasty in the bastion might look a bit far fetched but still the risk has been taken.
Perception bigger than reality 
The risk seems to be a strategically calculated to give a perception that Congress is losing even in its traditional bastions. In politics, the perception creates a stronger undercurrent and if it is against the presumed prime ministerial candidate, the undercurrent has signs of becoming a wave.
Smriti Irani : Younger sister 
By repeatedly invoking her name and referring to Smriti as his younger sister, Modi has subtly made a point on who would be taking on Priyanka Wadra; in the case she takes a central stage in national  politics.
The killing instinct at the finish line
The timing of the rally is so precisely timed so as to give maximum momentum. The rally missed the election commissions deadline of 5PM by few minutes. The strategy here is akin to athletes, the last day rally getting a wide local coverage and the perception of change in mood collectively gives a big push to the BJP's gameplan of checkmating the ruling party in it's own bastion.

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