Monday, June 2, 2014

Modi's magic gifts himself a magnificient verdict

The nation has voted and the vote is decisive. Mission 272 plus which the BJP had launched looked like an impossible task and no political commentator was willing to put his money on that target. The results have however dashed their thinking and BJP or more rightly Modi has successfully passed the midway mark.
Modi versus all
The NDA went into polls with 25 allies but apart from a few parties the allies was just a reassurance to BJP that Modi was acceptable only in terms of numbers rather than the seats the allies would be delivering them. Modi did know the drawbacks of these numbers and positioned his campaign in a presidential style, sent his right hand man to Uttar Pradesh which sends maximum seats, never touched controversial topics, used the caste card when needed to certain geographical area, aggressively campaigned against regional leaders. The magic worked and the opposition particularly Congress fell like a pack of cards and ultimately had to lose the principle opposition status by falling short of mandatory ten percent mark. There were others too who felt the burn of this strategic planning; the two M's of Uttar Pradesh who were once dreaming to be prime minister were reduced to miniscule. While Mulayam managed to retain five seats, all belonging to his family fiefdom, Mayawati could not get out of zero despite polling around 20% in the state. Such was the strategy to disseminate Modi's magic that other parties barring some regional satraps look like minions. The poll is won but will Modi continue to bring magic into governance; he is already indicating at plans that could be spread over 10-15 years. The next three years will decide whether he gets that additional second or third term or not...

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