Monday, June 16, 2014

iOS 8 : Five significant changes

Apple in its recent WWDC conference announced the entry of the next iteration of it's iOS. Here are the five significant changes iOS8 can bring in the iPhone
1.Interactive notifications
The notification bar will now have more utility like replying to a message or liking a post from Facebook directly without going into the application.
2.QuickType keyboard
Apple has finally decided to overhaul it's lame but still elegant keyboard to a more utility oriented keyboard.
The search now includes the quite literally whole world with results including the information from the web and the device.
4.Push to talk
Seems iMessage wants to catch up with other IM applications at least on the iOS platform.
5.Better mac integration
Now this is for mac users where Apple has promised the airdrop and better syncing between devices using Bluetooth.

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