Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rightward tilt in West Bengal

Trinamool Congress has given trashing defeat to left in both the assembly polls and the recently conducted lok sabha polls also. The administration of the state has not seen any dramatic change since the departure of left and still remains leftist.
The rise of right wing
Bharathiya Janatha Party has managed to win mere two seats in the lok sabha polls but the talking point is the phenomenal increase in the vote share of the party from a paltry 7% to 17%. The left wing politics which is still relevant in the garb of TMC have a real reason to worry about this trend. The BJP is all set to occupy the vacuum created by the decimation of left and try a shot at the leftist Mamata.
The perfect breeding ground
The unscathed settlement of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh with tactical support from both Left and the present TMC combined with an audacious openly promoted minority appeasement as minorities form a major chunk of electorate. The uncompromising attitude between TMC and the left will ensure a three way contest and the BJP will definitely have a last say in such a triangular polarized contest.

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