Thursday, July 17, 2014

The lateral growth of smartphones

An assessment by Cisco predicts the number of connected devices to the web would be around 50 billion by the end of 2020. Dissecting the statistics reveal only smartphones, tablets or computers cannot contribute to these whooping number of devices. The missing numbers are to be taken by the smaller devices which will be making our lives more convenient. They all could vary from wearbles like smartwatches to many of the tiny devices that controls the larger units like cars,air conditioners, microwave.
Smartphones : Reached the zenith of smartness
The new editions of smartphones is not anything any incredible addition to the user experience. The processor speed might be increasing exponentially but that is barely identified by a normal customer. So is the case with the pixel density which has gone beyond the capacity of human's eyes to distinguish. The only thing that is coming up is the change in the size, shape; remember the curved ones or feel. Smartphones are not getting any smarter in the foreseeable future. The innovation is going laterally now.
Control everything
The smartphones till now concentrated on being the one stop solution to all your digital needs but now it would like to make your life more convenient. The lateral control where the future is going. Google is investing heavily on the remote controlled cars and has brought the Nest. Apple is partnering with car manufacturers. These are the things to come in the future. Get ready to hand over some of your control in the devices to your smartphones.

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