Monday, July 14, 2014

3 ways to help yourself if you are feeling low

1.Get down to basics 
The moment you are feeling low, just get back to the basics. Most of us go wrong on simple basic things in life. We all tend to think the opposite of right is wrong in life and end up being miserable. Get back to the basics and you will realize that the opposite can also be left.
2.Refining thoughts
The most important aspect to look out during such times is the thoughts. Thoughts of today are to be carefully nurtured because they are going to decide what we will be doing in the future.
Thoughts : 3C
  • Clear : Clarity of thoughts be simple and clear 
  • Concise : Avoid having a junk of thought process pulling you all over; rather have a precise one that has a direction
  • Constructive : Let the positive thoughts weed out the negative ones
Now that you are pretty much aware of the basic wrongdoings and have refined your thoughts, go for acting on them. Take time, but never lose the direction and be a bit adamant on reaching the set targets. Relax, take a few deep breaths and you will finally realize that these 3 steps can assist you in improving your feeling. 

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