Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 things Kane and Abel novel will teach us about life

Jeffrey Archer's Kane and Abel, a thrilling story of two men born in different parts of the world only to comfort each other to save each other and finally destroy each other. The tale had many lessons for our life. Here are the five important of them.

Prisons inside mind are much more dangerous and difficult to deal
Abel comes out of many prisons in his life time including a concentration camp but fails to come out of the prison inside his mind until the end. The moral is simple here, physical prisons are much easier to overcome than the imaginary ones. 

Never burn bridges 
I always think of this quote "Never burn bridges, you will never know how many times you have to cross the same". The story gives ample fodder for these lines as the two proponents in the story save each other and finally destroy each other unknowing of the earlier deeds.

Move with a direction and you will achieve it 
The story of the Polish immigrant becoming successful by working with conviction makes a splendid story for moving with an intent until we achieve our goals.

Never assume things
The actions we take on others should not be based on assumptions. The assumptions made by the two protagonists in the story fuels the hatred till the end.

Hard work interposed with smartness creates opportunities 
The story of Polish immigrant becoming successful with working hard and also with a strategy suggests the importance of smartness along with hard work for being successful.

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